Our team has access to an extensive database of equipment and OEM catalogues to determine your specific needs. Just provide us with the make, model and chassis number of your equipment and we do the research to source the right part for you.



Many small independent equipment operators lack the resources to maintain a workshop and technical team.  In this case the owner experienced an equipment breakdown and was recommended to us for assistance by his mechanic to research and source a replacement part after being unable to receive adequate dealer support.


 In the local market much of the equipment is second hand and the owners lack information to assist them in performing maintenance and troubleshooting mechanical issues. SDRR maintains an extensive database of equipment on the island and can assist owners in determining components required for repair.


At SDRR we are knowledgeable. When the customer provided the component, the technician performed a physical inspection to determine the application and part number.  Through a combination of our equipment database and our OEM vendor resources the component was identified as the fuel shutdown solenoid for a Yanmar diesel engine.  While this component was not usually stocked, a special order was requested from our vendor and delivered to the customer within three business days of the initial request.

What our clients have to say:

"Excellent service and very professional."
Anthony D
"Quality is number 1."
Martin P
"Excellent service."
Mike M
"...As usual the service is second to none..."
Jason R

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