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An operator using a  60lb TAMCO paving breaker purchased second hand, recognised a decrease in performance  and difficulty in breaking material while on a challenging site.  They were directed to SDRR (the authorized distributor) by the equipment’s previous owner.


Unfortunately proper maintenance intervals are not maintained quite frequently on equipment in the Caribbean.  This is especially true when equipment is purchased second hand.  Given the age and place of purchase of equipment, many persons do not have support or access to parts.  In this instance the equipment was purchased out of cost concerns and was used in an application not suited for the specific model.


At SDRR we service what we sell.  On inspection and disassembly of the breaker, it was determined there was a failure in the lubrication system due to a lack of maintenance. This was fixed by our technician, who replaced the failed component from parts kept in stock.  Upon repair the breaker was serviced, and a recommendation made to improve maintenance and returned to the customer within six working hours.  In consultation with the owner, the technician determined that for the job the customer would be better served with a more powerful Tamco 90lb hammer for difficult digging environments.

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Anthony D
"Quality is number 1."
Martin P
"Excellent service."
Mike M
"...As usual the service is second to none..."
Jason R

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