We have a lubricant for all major applications, featuring products from Phillips 66, Kendall, PEAK Coolants and Permatex. Take comfort in knowing SDRR can assist with providing the correct lubricant whatever your need.



The technical representative for an industrial client required assistance determining the range of lubricants required for fleet maintenance for hydraulic, engine and cooling systems.


Industrial lubrication is a specialised area.  While most lubricant retailers and distributors emphasise popular consumer lubricant grades, choosing the incorrect specification of lubricant for heavy duty and industrial applications could have negative consequences to the performance and longevity of the equipment.


At SDRR our products meet or exceed industry standards.  To ensure the right solution for the application, all of our technicians are certified in lubricant technology.  To assist the technical representative, an audit of the equipment was performed by logging the year and model and gathering more detail from the manufacturer’s online technical manuals.   This information is then entered into our lubricant vendor’s database to ensure OEM specifications are met.  This process was completed in an afternoon and we were able to fulfil the customer’s request by the next morning due to the extensive range of lubricants stocked.

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Anthony D
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Martin P
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Mike M
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Jason R

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